This set of 14 lino cut prints was created by Aviva Halter-Hurn, the daughter of Roman Halter. Roman was a survivor of Lodz Ghetto, Auschwitz-Birkenau Killing Centre and Stutthof Concentration Camp, his stained glass windows are on display in the Memorial Hall at The National Holocaust Centre and Museum.

Aviva started to paint in 1988 and wanted to showcase the Holocaust through artwork. She gingerly approached this work unsure of the effect it would have on her, and ultimately did find the work had a profound effect.

These prints are the first set produced by Aviva relating to the Holocaust. They are based on the book 'Art of the Holocaust' by Janet Blatter and Sybil Milton which was published in 1981. Aviva has chosen not to replicate the drawings she discovered in the book, but to add another layer of interpretation so the art becomes an image of an image. Aviva did not want to presume what a concentration camp may have looked like, but wanted to relate something in a poignant and sensitive manner relying on other works and testimony as her research, and to highlight the art as the work and not the content.

We are delighted to be able to house this set of prints, which are currently on permanent display in the Pears' Auditorium at The National Holocaust Centre and Museum.